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VB Woumen

Many people supported our projects with gifts small and big.  Besides these individual gifts, we also received support from the following service clubs, authorities, schools and companies:

bullet Fifty-One Club Nieuwpoort 27
bullet Rotary Diksmuide
bullet Rotary Nieuwpoort
bullet Salons Saint Germain Diksmuide
bullet The Belgian Embassy, Islamabad
bullet Ali Trading Co. (Sialkot, Pakistan)
bullet The friends of Procter&Gamble (Brussels)
bullet Vrije Basisschool Woumen  (Click here for their website.)
bullet UN Women's Association, Islamabad
bullet International Foreign Women's Association, Islamabad
bullet City Diksmuide
bullet City Koksijde
bullet ASBL Timon (Belgium)

Via this way we want to thank everyone for their selfless gifts, which contribute to the construction of a better society, not only in Pakistan but across all frontiers.


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