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The school
The library
The computer class

    Kosht valley

Our project in Kosht offers the following services to the community:

 The school        

A community school teaching in English medium.  By 2005, the school should have all classes from Class Prep till Class 10.

There are no books in the local language of Chitral, since there is no formal system to write it down.  Of course it is used to explain things to the students, but till now the people do not seem to have realised the importance of writing in their own language.

The government schools teach in Urdu, the official language, but all universities teach in English.

The library   

A real oasis of knowledge in the desert!  And this is to be interpreted literally...

In Chitral-city there is a library, but in upper Chitral (Booni and Kosht both are at a distance of about 2-3 hours driving from Chitral) there was nothing of that kind.  The library we established at Booni moreover is unique in Chitral or Pakistan.

The computer class   

Access to the latest technologies in a place where you wouldn't expect it!

In Pakistan you can easily buy the nicest educational CDs at throwaway prices.  Of course they are illegal copies, but we presume Bill Gates and friends will keep an eye closed, since it is for the greater benefit of all...  The class is a very useful extension to the library, thanks to the numerous encyclopedia and dictionaries which we have on CD.

Moreover, in Pakistan too knowledge of information technology has become quite necessary for all but the pettiest of jobs.

Kosht seen from the North

The valley of  Kosht (2500m), with Tirichmir (7790m) at the left on the horizon


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