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3rd report
2nd report
1st report

Information and changes in the site - The reports

Information and changes in the site

On this page you can find the recent additions to the site.  If you visited it before and want to know what's changed,  you can find out about that here.

Dear people, use the site map for a quick overview. 

You can see new additions and which pages changed last in Last modified.

Since we are still constructing, your support remains very required.  The financial resources of the community are very limited and we want to complete the construction swiftly.

Leave your comments in the Guest Book, or have them sent to us via Feedback.

Our students have started making web pages introducing themselves, their way of life and their environment. Click here for having a look. Our teachers have their own site too!

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The reports

Information sent from Chitral.  Using key words, you can search for subjects.  

bullet Octobre 2003 -- 3rd report
bullet February 2002 -- 2nd report
bullet June 2001 -- 1st report

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