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bullet The first task of a school is to help the parents educate their children.  It is important for the parents to realize that the school can only help, and that it can only be successful if all parties assume their respective responsibilities.  Regular parent meetings will therefore take place.
bullet The mission of this school will be fulfilled if the students become responsible citizens who are able, each in their own field, to contribute for the betterment of the local community in particular and the whole country in general.
bullet Morality is extremely important; it forms the base of all religions.  Our students will be encouraged to think well and to do well.  Besides the usual religious class, Ecology Class will be introduced (ecology is the branch of biology that deals with organisms' relations to one another and to the physical environment in which they live).
bullet Furthermore, the students will regularly be given the opportunity to engage in scouting activities, where the appropriate social skills will be developed and where environmental action to preserve the beautiful area of Kosht and surroundings will be undertaken.
bullet The school will try to generate and stimulate creativity in the students with the help of Art Class.
bullet We want to give the students a broad general knowledge, and to teach them how to deal with much information without loosing their head.  Today it is no longer possible to know all details about all subjects, but there are methods and techniques with which it is possible to get any information you like.  These skills have to be acquired by our students.  Information Technology and Library Classes will be held to achieve this goal.
bullet A broad knowledge base can only become truly useful if one knows how to analyze problems.  Therefore, Ibn Batuta Community School Kosht will try to walk in front of others, offering a quality of education which does not only give importance to replication of course matter (as is required for the matriculation examinations).  Much importance will be given to understanding and applying what is taught in the classes, and to seeing and finding parallels between the different subjects.  Our students should acquire the skills needed to find and use information to solve or help solving whatever problem is put upon their shoulders.
bullet The school will establish good relations with the other schools in the area, so all can work together to improve the education in Chitral.
bullet All points of this Mission Statement have to be respected by the Staff.


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