Ibn Batuta Community School Kosht

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Newsletter March 2006


The school

The school today

The school in 2003

The school in 2002

The first steps

Shifting to Sandragh


2002 - The first stone

2003 - Nearly ready

2004 - We'll get there!



Ibn Batuta? Who's that?


Ibn Batuta Community School Kosht

Computer class


Our life over here


22-05-2006 Koppen video, low-quality stream Koppen video, high-quality stream


12-Jan-2005 11-Apr-2004 Do not click - no bigger picture 9-Apr-2004 08-Apr-2004 Ya Hardi (traditional Chitrali song; 504KB) Student pictures Teacher pictures 07-Apr-2004 06-Apr-2004 05-Apr-2004  

  • Small movie made by the teachers, 57 sec, 6 Oct 2003 (311KB)
  • Small movie made by the students of class 9, 55 sec, 11 Sep 2003 (293KB)
  • Interview (12 min, 1.54MB), Buitenlandse zaken Radio 1 Belgium, 24 Nov 2001:
  • (Format: plays with all browsers; MS WAV compressed, 18kbps, 12kHz, Mono)
    1. Part 1 (405KB)
    2. Part 2 (411KB)
    3. Part 3 (402KB)
    4. Part 4 (366KB)





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