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Yearly the school expands by two classes; in 2005 the school will offer all classes from Prep till Class 10.  Possibly we will make the school complete by 2004 by introducing class 4, 5 and 10 instead of only classes 4 and 10.

This means we have to buy furniture and books for 50 students yearly, an expense of about €2000.

For the higher classes, it is required to have a science lab, an expense of €2000.

Moreover, the classes of the youngest students will need a bit of paint and decoration to make them more pleasant and attractive. 

Education of the smallest ones remains a difficult thing in Chitral, due to the harshness of the climate and the terrain.  Only seldom will kids come to school before the age of  5 or 6.  What's more, people don't see why they should pay for such a small kid who cannot read or write.  This is a real pity, because the result is that even kids of 16 can't make a puzzle intended for kids of age 5!

We try to explain to our teachers the importance of stimulation of the young children, but they do not understand and do not appreciate.  Their imagination is often quite limited, and of course they are the product of another system!  So we stumble from time to time upon a teacher busy drilling alphabets (Urdu and English) into the heads of our youngest students...  We really want to better this situation, by sending our teachers to training courses, by receiving training in the school, and by showing examples to the teachers sitting with them in their lessons.

This year we also want to increase the para-scholar activities (scouting, camping, walks, visits, ...).  We will also participate in inter-scholar tournaments.  Community programs will be organized, during which the students can show what they learned to the community.

This year's agenda is quite full, which of course assures that we'll not have many minutes to spare...

All help is welcome, whether financial, advisory or by sending volunteers



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