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Quite possibly most people are surprised to find computers in such a remote area, where even the drinking water supply is erratic!  Maybe some are even putting the necessity of them in doubt.  But, like in all other parts of the world, here too knowledge of information technology has become quite required to get a nice job.

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The computer class in December 2003

Our computers are networked, and as such some older ones still can do very valuable work, sharing resources with the server.

We have plenty of educational CDs, which form an invaluable addition to the school books and lessons.  JŘrgen is responsible of making students as well as staff members use all these resources properly.

Moreover, we have many encyclopedia of all possible subjects, atlases, language courses from Arabic to English, interactive drawing programs, mathematical games, songs and rhymes etc. etc.

The students await Computer Classes full of impatience, and it's a real rush to get there first when the bell rings.  The younger they are, the quicker they catch up.  Quite some of them are much faster than the teachers!

The teacher surrounded by very interested pupils

Lastly, the class is also used as a cinema theatre from time to time.  We could not resist, and brought a lot of cartoons from Islamabad.  These are nice, to some extent educational, and a welcome change for children who have no television at home (don't forget we are in Kosht...).


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